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Holiday Advent 

Client: Content4Demand
Agency: Content4Demand

Type: Email Marketing Campaign

Role: Creative Direction & Lead Designer

Year: 2018-2019


This email campaign earned a spot as part of an experience that received an award for best Interactive Content on the 2019 Killer Content Awards (Known affectionately as TheFinnys). These awards represent the progressive brands that have trekked down the path of discovery to enhance their content and campaigns. 


To engage and empower the marketing community, we built an interactive “advent” calendar that included a variety of thought leadership assets, educational blogs and tactical videos brimming with the best practices. Every day of the campaign, which ran Nov. 26 to December 21, 2018, subscribers received an email saying that a new “gift” was available. When they clicked through to the calendar experience, they would click on the date to virtually “unwrap” a new resource. These email drove visitors to this Killer (Award-Winning!) experience, they proved to be engaging, out of the box and fun! 

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