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Content Burnout

Client: Content4Demand

Type: Landing Page Design

Role: Creative Direction, Lead Designer & Front-end Development

Year: 2018


Project Overview:

Redesign and restructure the C4D Content Burnout landing page.  



User's not engaging, low time spent on the page, not mobile friendly, not visually appealing.  



Utilize the new C4D branding guidelines and design assets to produce a more interactive and visually appealing landing page that prospects would be happy to engage with. Make sure it communicates visually, psychologically appeals to stimulates the audience and overall creates a better user experience.



Create a fully responsive landing page that is optimized for mobile. Utilize video, GIFs, and branding elements to refresh the new layout while maintaining the brand essence and using the checklist document as my main resource to pull key highlights and provide users with high-level overview information. 


View Wireframe: HERE.

View New Live Landing Page: HERE.


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