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Subscriptions at Lowe's

The Lowe’s Post-Purchase Team understands how seemingly small chores, like replacing air filters, can become recurring nuisances. Because of that, the team has created Subscriptions to help bear much of that burden for our customers.

Debuting August 17, Air Filters and Water Filters became the first product categories at Lowe’s to offer a subscription service. Now, customers who are looking for those items have the opportunity on the product detail page to purchase them on a subscription basis, at a cadence of their choosing.


Additionally, should a customer change their mind, they have the ability to make changes to their subscription at several junctures:

  • In Cart: A customer may update their quantity and the frequency of subscription

  • Post-Purchase: Customers can view all active and inactive subscriptions, and also manage them via Skip, Pause, or Cancel features.

When customers create or change their subscriptions, those activities are always confirmed via email.

Early Subscriptions Data Confirms Value to Customers


Lowe’s launched their Subscriptions service only six months ago, but it is already demonstrating tremendous value to our customers.


Subscriptions provides our customer with the valuable gift of time and efficiency. Customers no longer have to remember to re-order those common consumable products like air filters or refrigerator water filters. Instead, they can ask Lowe’s to do the heavy lifting for them by setting up a subscription for that product on a cadence of their choosing, delivered right to their doorstep. If the item is out of stock, Lowe’s will automatically suggest a replacement, so the customer doesn’t miss a beat. As an added bonus, customers can save money, too, when they sign up for subscriptions!

In the time that Subscriptions has been live, the value it brings is apparent:

  • 9% adoption rate.

  • 15% incremental revenue.

  • 5X more spending on non-subscriptions orders.

  • After customers are on-boarded to Subscriptions, Lowe’s receives 6% more orders from those signed-up customers.

  • 9% improved conversion rate over one-time purchase.

  • Tightened/improved the consuming habits of subscriptions-activated products by 49%.

Lowe’s sees additional business value to Subscriptions, too:

  • 7000+ new customer sign-ups in 6 months

  • ~50% subscribing customers make a purchase in non-subscription category spending $6 million.

  • 28% new customer sign-ups make purchase in non-subscription category spending $2 million.

  • Activated items convert at 13.5% vs average conversion rate of 2.5% for all items.

The convenience of Subscriptions is a significant value-add for our customers, which translates into increased revenue for Lowe’s.

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