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Client: Pokett Sports Apparel

Type:  Branding, Product Development, Digital UI, Social Media, Photography

Role: Creative Director, Photographer & Lead Designer

Year: 2016-2017

Project Overview:

Pokett introduces a new sports bra that allows women to become completely hands-free. The only patent sports bra with two front pockets made in the USA. Pokett promotes self-love by creating visual messages that bring out the best version of one’s self. We believe that women have incredible potential to break away from society’s stigmas. Strength, having no limitations, and feeling free is the core of this product.



Company and product missing major brand development, lack of digital presence, research gap for competitive environment needed before launching. The main challenge was to find the voice of this product and bring it to life. Before Pokett was Pokett is was The Buddy Bra. The Buddy Bra was a quick not well-thought idea for an awesome product that was simply not resonating with the target audience. It did not possess an attractive look & feel nor it conveys an important message. 



Rebrand overhaul, create a strategic corporate branding, message and digital presence for Pokett.



By providing a unique value proposition and an explosive visual identity, Pokett introduced a new sports bra line into the New York market. Pokett is intended to re-brand a current sports apparel brand by launching its new identity through the development of a branding campaign with supporting advertising collateral for ladies who have difficulties carrying items while exercising. Pokett promotes healthy living, confidence and being hands-free! Pokett is not just a bra – it’s power, it’s having no limitations, it’s feeling free!


Rebranding and establishing a digital space solved the problem of why this product was not generating business. Corporate brand is one of the most influential assets of any business. Your brand identifies you to your clients and seeks to engage them in an ongoing relationship. It represents the sum of all your marketing efforts and strategies — your logo, website, owned media channels, advertisements, social media, and marketing. 


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