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Application Modernization

Client: Rackspace
Agency: Content4Demand

Type: Interactive iPaper - Content Marketing 

Role: Re-brand Designer, Front-End Development

Year: 2019

Project Overview: 

This digital iPaper is part of an awareness campaign designed to create interest in Rackspace Application Services. RAC Provides comprehensive professional and management services that simplify and guide customers in the evolution of IT through unbiased, outcome-focused application services built on unrivaled Cloud expertise.



Replace old branding elements and redesign this asset to apply new brand identity system to visually represent the company's new look & feel without changing the overall content.  



Use the company's new brand tool kit to Incorporate the use of the new logo, font family, Rackshapes, and imagery style. Designed elements to match the new color palette, iconography style, and interactivity. 

See it live HERE.

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