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Open Source Risk

Client: Veracode
Agency: Content4Demand

Type: Interactive Case Study 

Role: Lead Digital Designer, Front-End Management

Year: 2019


Project Overview: 

This interactive digital case study is part of an awareness campaign to promote Veracode's complete set of offerings. The overall goal is to educate and help customers reduce the risk of data breaches, increase the speed of secure software delivery, meet compliance requirements, and cost-effectively secure their software assets- whether that’s software they make, buy, or sell.  With this digital asset, Veracode intents to provide thought leadership and help organizations secure the software that powers their world. Veracode’s SaaS platform and integrated solutions help security teams and software developers find and fix security-related defects at all points in the software development lifecycle before they can be exploited by hackers. 



Convert a static white paper into a digital interactive experience with easy navigation and visual hierarchy. The user needed an available printable version of this digital case study that was consistent with the digital version. 



Create a long scrollable page with fixed navigation that allows the user to explore throughout the asset. Utilize branding guidelines and tool kit elements to create bright contrast and easy identification of sections. Utilize visual hierarchy to highlight facts, data points, key results, and other resources. The asset is also optimized for multi-devices as well as cross-browsers. 


View it live HERE. 

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